Autoloader Mat800


Technical Specifications Model MAT800 SAT800 Cassette Type Multi-cassette (4


Model MAT800
Cassette Type Multi-cassette (4 cassettes)
Plate Feeding Way Auto-feed (Remove the interleaving paper at the same time)
Plate Feeding Speed 76 plates/hour
Plate Size Max. 1130×920mm Min. 510×400mm
Plate Thickness 0.15mm- 0.3 mm
Plate Loading Quantity 400 plates (4×100 plates/cassette)
Plate Stacking Manual stacking plates in cassette
Interface Rs485
Net Weight 560KG
Device Size 1,683×1,460×1,280mm (W×D×H)The height of MAT800 plate exit above ground level is about 1020mm
Air Supply ≥0.65Mpa
Power Supply
Single phase: 200-240V; Max power (Peak Value): 1100W
Environment Recommended temperature: 21-25℃ Allowable temperature: 15-30℃ Relative humidity: <70%