Ball Screw Co2 Laser Cutting Machine SCU1325/SCU1825


Equipment performance
Moduled steel frame structure to reduce the mechanical trouble effectively, imported straight track to support motion,step or sevo-motor system,routeway feeding,alternant striped worktable. Circulation water cooling,hydraulic protection control system, huff protection control system, the device of exhaust smoke and dust.Invariable laser path(patent of sunic) is applied in the machine,smiple operation with the control panel of touch LCD screen work normlly without computer.

The machine can cut the workpiece smoothly and elaborately by the big worktable,simple laser path system, excellent control system,particularity exact engraving.

  • Excellent precision,quick speed.
  • Good rigidstructure,high stability Machine tool movement adopt imported High-precision ball teaching screw linear guide.
  • The special moduled steel frame structure to reduce the mechanical trouble effectively,routeway feeding to satisfy material of different length.
  • Anodized aluminium lamella table
  • Industrial constant cooling system
  • Slide strut bar to support material forward to all directions.
  • Hydraulic protection control system
  • Inflatable protection control system
  • The device of exhaust smoke and dust.
  • industry constant temperature water pump.
  • Invariable laser path (patent of sunic) is applied in the machine.

Applicable material
Acrylic,Plastic,Wood,Plywood,Bamboo,Paper Board,Organic glass, Ceramic,Rubber sheet, MDF,PVC,Glass,Marble,Density board,etc.
Handicraft, Advertising plate,Signs,Gifts,Decoration,Furniture, Trophy,Bangle,Badge, Marks, Key chains,Model,Vases,Display rock.
Thin metal materials like stainless steel, carbon steel, Iron. Oxygen combustion needed.


Specifications Parameters
Laser Source 200W/300W Imported GSI/ROFIN Laser Source
Cooling Automatic Circular Water Cooling System
Work Area 1300×2500mm/1800 ×2500mm
Weight 1200kg/1500kg
Drive Servo Motor Drive System
Idle Speed 24 IPS (Cutting)
Accuracy of Repeated Orientation ±0.0025
Transmission Way Double Ball Screw Transmission
Resolution(DPI) Available 200,250,300,500,600,1000
Computer Interface Standard Printer Port and USD Port
Memory Buffer 128 M
Display Panel 4-Line LCD Panel showing current file name, total working time, laser power, cutting time, file(s) loaded in the memory buffer, setup and menus
Safety Huff Protection, Hydraulic Pressure Protection
Standard Features  
Bar-type Worktable V
Full Formats Support V
Facility Requirements  
Electrical 220V/60kHz/2kVA
Air Exhaust System Pipes, Connections and Exhaust Fan (Included)
Water Chiller CW5000