Luxel V-6


Violet platesetters from Fujifi lm have an established track record for reliability, quality, productivity and low cost of ownership, coupled with a wide range of fl exible automation options to suit prepress production requirements on any scale. Used in conjunction with Fujifi lm Brillia HD violet plates, they not only offer extended run lengths and UV ink capability, but now also offer a low-chemistry option for a more cost-effective and environmentallyfriendly way of working.

The Luxel V-6 offers a range of automation, quality and productivity options with field-installable upgrades as and when you need them, from the highly cost-effective Luxel V-6e to the fully automatic Luxel V-6 MAL configuration with multi-cassette autoloader and online processor. In addition, a High Definition option with the V-6 brings 1-99% dot capability at 200 lpi and improved FM screening when used with Brillia HD LP-NV2 or Brillia HD PRO-V plates.


  V-6e V-6 manual and semiautomatic V-6 SAL (single cassette
V-6 MAL (multi cassette
Imaging Patented violet laser technology/ high speed spinner control/ laser @ 405 nm
Media supply Manual, single plate feed Single plate feed, no interleaf
Single cassette autoloader,
optional plate loading slot, auto
interleaf removal
cassette capacity 60 x 0.3mm /
120 x 0.15mm
Automatic plate feed, three
cassettes online, auto interleaf removal, cassette capacity 100 x 0.3mm / 150 x 0.15mm
Media type Fujifilm Brillia LP-NV, HD LP-NV2 and HD PRO-V (violet-sensitive photopolymer aluminium plates)
Plate thickness 0.15, 0.20, 0.24, 0.30 mm
Maximum plate size [0.15 mm plate] 525 x 459 mm
[0.20 mm plate] 765 x 686 mm
[0.24 mm plate] 765 x 686 mm
[0.30 mm plate] 765 x 686 mm
Minimum plate size [0.15 mm plate] 350 x 350 mm
[0.20 mm plate] 350 x 350 mm
[0.24 mm plate] 410 x 350 mm
[0.30 mm plate] 410 x 350 mm
small plate option: 279 x 381 mm portrait, 350 x 350 mm landscape (excludes optional plate loading slot on V-6 SAL)
Maximum/minimum image
Maximum/minimum plate size -4 mm
Productivity (plates per hour) 10 pph @ 2400 dpi
14 pph @ 1200 dpi
24 pph @ 2400 dpi
35 pph @ 1200 dpi
User interface PC-based, intuitive support interface
Recorder interface Firewire IEEE 1394
Plate handling upgrades and
punching options
Manual to semi-automatic;
manual to fully automatic;
semito fully automatic
Semi to SAL to MAL
Industry standard or custom
internal punch
Industry standard or custom
internal punch
Extra cassette/trolley
Industry standard or custom
internal punch
Extra cassette(s) Tilt trolley
Resolution options 1200, 1219, 1270, 2400, 2438, 2540, 3600, 3657 dpi. Two standard resolutions supplied with engine, others field upgradable.
High Definition (HD) option (not V-6e).
Screening options Fujifilm TAFFETA FM Screening, Co-Res Screening
Connectivity Fujifilm XMF workflow
Environment Equipment: optimum operating range: temperature 18 – 29°C, humidity 20 – 70% non-condensing
Media: for optimum operating range, please refer to the media manufacturer’s technical data
Power requirements 230 + 10% - 6% VAC 50/60 Hz single phase 10A
Weight (excluding processor) 620 kg 800 kg 1100 kg 1550 kg
Footprint (maximum, including media loading, processor and stacker access*) Manual: 2070 x 1580 mm
Semi: 5306 x 1580 mm
6265 x 2625 mm 7300 x 2625 mm 8625 x 2625 mm



Luxel V-6 Product Brochure