M1600 / M3300


Printing on both soft and rigid materials
Maximum 3200 mm printing wide
Maximum material thickness up to 120 mm
Speed up to 80 m2/h


KM 1024i (6+1) M3300 / M1600
No. of Passes Resolution Production Speed
4 Pass 720×720dpi 600 /320 Sft/h
6 Pass 720×1080dpi 430 / 270 Sft/h
8 Pass 720×1440dpi 320 / 215 Sft/h
Print media Sheet material and roll material (glass, wood, bamboo, ceramic tile, organic glass plate, metal plate, leather cloth, acrylic board, PVC board, reflective film, canvas, rubber, crystal, carpet, marble, corrugated board banner,etc.)
Media thickness ≤120mm645 sft/h / 1290 sft/h
Ink 6 colors UV ink
Special Ink UV white ink
Data interface PCI
Power 30A/380V,three phase
Size 6330*1640*1570/4720*1525*1655(mm)
Weight 1950/1654Kg