New Model SCU1060 Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


Equipment Performance
High precision Taiwan Hiwin double guide rail, 3-phase stepper motor and driver, belt transmission, channel-type feeding, up&down worktable, honey-comb or aluminum strip worktable, circulation water cooling, hydraulic protection, dust and smoke exhausting, huff protection, etc.

Applicable Fields
This machine is widely applied in the field of advertising industry, decoration, furniture, model manufacturing, and handcraft industry for the fine engraving, cutting and hollowing out on almost all non- metallic materials with all kinds of characters, graphs, images, trademarks and so on.

Applicable Materials
Acrylic, Plastic, Plank, ABS, Wood, Plywood, Bamboo, Paper, Organic glass, MDF, PVC, Rubber, Density board, Cloth, Leather, Derma, Corfam, Textile, Chemical leather, etc.


Brand Argus
Model SCU1060
Working Platform Size 1000*600mm
Laser Power CO2 60W/80W/100W
Origin Setting(Red Pointer) Red Light Pointer: 650nm
Controlling system RDCAM
Table Type Aluminum Strip/Honey comb
Table Height Adjustment 30cm Adjustable
Air Pump Power: 138W
Flow Rate: 100L/Min
Exhaust Fan Voltage: 220V
Power: 550W
Blowing Rate: 18m3/min
Calibre Of Outlet: 80mm
Wind Pressure:1.70Kpa
Rotating Speed:2800RPM
Focus Lens 2.5inch
3-Phase Stepper Motor Phase Current: 3.5A
Whole Stepping Angle:1.2°
Torque: 0.9N.m
Mo Mirror Reflectivity 95%
Software Format Support CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, etc
Graphic Format Support AI, PLT, BMP, DXF, DST, T100, etc
Process Material Non-metal Materials
Max Cutting speed 300mm/s
Max Engraving speed 800mm/s
Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.2mm
Min. Cutting Character English Letter: 2.5mm
Max. Cutting Depth 0-25mm(it’s up to the material)
Cooling ways Circulation Water Cooling
Working Temperature 0-35°C
Working Humidity 5-95%
Working Power 220V/50Hz/60Hz/2kVA, 110V/50Hz/60Hz/2kVA
Packing Dimension 2060*1180*1230mm
Net weight 300KG
Gross Weight 380KG
Cubage 2.99CBM