Aurora U8128

CTP specialized in high-speed commercial and newspaper printing

Maximum size of plate: 1,130mm*920mm. Features: Less manpower, high stability and perfect output quality. Traditional plate is also applicable. It can output 70 plates/hour under the resolution of 1200dpi. Combined with autoloader, processor and stacker, Colorte Aurora U8128 series can achieve full-automatic printing. Only one operator is needed to finish the whole output process.

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Model U8128 U8128N
Exposing Method External Drum
Imaging System 128-channel
Discrete 400-410nm laser
Output Speed 45 plates/hour 70 plates/hour
1,030mm×800mm 2,400dpi
Plate Size Max.1,130×920mm, Min. 510×400mm
Exposing Size Max. 1,130×906mm
Plate Type UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate
Plate Thickness 0.15mm-0.3mm
Resolutions 2,400dpi 1,200dpi
Repeatability ±5μm(Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23℃ and 60% RH )
Interface USB2.0 / USB3.0 (Recommended option is USB2.0)
Plate Loading Alternative autoloader system
Net Weight 1,200KG
Device Size 2,127×1,405×1,058mm(W×D×H)
Power Single phase:200V-240V; Max power(Peak value):4KW
Environment Recommended temperature: 21-25℃ Allowed temperature: 15-30℃ Humidity: <70%


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