• Digital Micro Controller with a large LCD Touch Screen to pre-define and save each project.
  • Innovative “V” shape Lay-Flat Book binding process.
  • Movable stapler and sliding tray mechanisms for convenient stapling.
  • Stack tray for easy handling of the prints.
  • Combines the process of window cutting, hole punching and stapling with utmost precision; performed on separate windows.
  • 999 Projects can be stored with a precise memory of window cutting, creasing and hole punching measurements.
  • Two binding options available are WINDOW CUTTING and CREASING.
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AccuBind DW401 is a pioneer product from Pinnacle. It is attentively designed to achieve greater productivity in less time with highly precised and efficient binding.
This machine takes care of all the processes involved in binding a photobook; window cutting, creasing, hole punching and stapling. AccuBind DW401 has two separate windows to operate the above mentioned processes simultaneously. With a built-in digital micro controller and a touch control panel, DW401 helps you to predefine each project and save it for later use. It also possesses a unique feature of making two creases on a single page, specially used for first and last page of the album.
AccuBind DW401 offers first of its kind, highly accurate ‘V’ shaped hole punching and step binding for a complete lay-flat opening of the photobook.





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