Graphtec CE6000-ASC 15″ Desktop Vinyl Cutter and Plotter w/Automatic Sheet Feeder

This Graphtec CE6000-ASC Automatic Sheet Cutter comes standard with a Graphtec CE6000-40 Plus 15″ Vinyl Cutter Unit, an Auto Sheet Feeder, CCD Camera, Catch Tray and a Digital Cutting Software. The CE6000-ASC is designed to automatically feed and contour cut media size up to 13″ x 19″ without the need for an operator. Equipped with precision iMark CCD camera technology, the CCD camera allows for the quick reading of crop marks with a precision grade of 0.2 mm. The Graphtec CE6000-ASC can handle up to 200 sheets (depend on the thickness) of media in a continuous cycle but with the ability to add further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting process. This Graphtec CE6000-ASC Automatic Sheet Cutter is suitable for post-processing of the printed media created with the print-on-demand in small to medium production runs for producing various products such as labels, heat transfer sheets for custom apparel and the POP as table advertising.

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Maximum Media Size: 13″ x 19″
Stacking up to: 200 Sheets
Cutting Speed: Average 30-40 sec per sheet
Whole System:
Supported standard-sized media: A4 size (loaded in landscape orientation), 11.69 x 8.27 in, SRA4 12.6 x 8.9 in, A3 size (loaded in portrait orientation), 11.69 x 16.53 in, A3 (typically 13 x 19 in), SRA3 12.59 x 17.71 in
Interface to PC: Single port of USB (The USB hub to connect the auto feeder unit and cutter unit is included.)
Power source: 100 to 240 VAC (required three power outlets)
Operating environment: Temperature: 50 to 95 ºF / Humidity: 35 to 75 % RH (non-condensing)
Size (When the entire system is installed on a table):
Size of the portion above desk: approx. W 26.4 x D 32.2 x H 10.4 in
Size of the portion below desk: approx. W 26.4 x D 14.9 x H 16.5 in
The CE6000-40 Plus is placed on the edge of the table. Refer to the illustration.

Weight: Approx. 55 lb (25 kg) Cutting unit: 24.25 lb, Auto feeder unit: 22.046 lb, Catch tray: 8.818 lb (Cutter unit: 11 kg, Auto feeder unit: 10 kg, Catch tray: 4 kg)





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